Willow and Withers Stables

Willow & Withers Stables, Sheffield Mills, NS

Owned and operated by Melanie and Paul Taljaard

Horse in box stall at Willow and Withers Stables
Drone view of barns, fenced arenas, out buildings on Willow and Withers Stables

Boarding Packages

Our horses are turned out in small groups on large paddocks/pastures with 24/7 access to hay/grass, shelter, and water. Horses brought in once or twice a day for grain as needed.

Facilities include an insulated indoor riding area, a large outdoor riding area with jumps and barrels available for use, a round pen, washroom, warming room, dedicated wash stall and a tack locker for all boarders.

We are situated on a wonderful trail system for endless kilometers of trail rides.

24/7 turnout

  • access to unlimited hay, water and shelters
  • open tack storage
  • turnout in small groups in paddocks

** ideal for retired horses or horses not being ridden due to injury

24/7 turnout plus grain

includes 24/7 turnout, and

  • up to 4 litres of grain served once daily

Full board

includes 24/7 turnout plus grain, and

  • premium paddocks, located closer to the barn
  • stalled overnight when temperatures are below 0C°
  • up to 4 litres per day of grain and supplements served twice daily
  • night hay in nets while stalled

Premium board

includes full board, and

  • stalled 365 nights a year
  • horses brought in for vet or other appointments
Overhead view of the stables and outdoor arena
An inside view of the indoor riding arena
Three riders enjoy a trail ride at Willow and Withers Stables
View of horses grazing near large horse barn
Rider petting her horse at Willow and Withers Stables
Willow and Withers Stables Road Sign
Three horses relaxing in the pasture